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Little Blog meets Facebook July 30, 2007

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Today we continue our occasional service from Little Blog, in which she provides logical definitions for illogical terminology, brand names and concepts. Her big sister, Sunshine, once again collaborates, to add her 9 years of wisdom.

This time, Little Blog’s Little Definitions of the Week follow a social media theme, ranging from MySpace to Facebook:


Chicken’s pop and Little Blog July 28, 2007

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Now Little Blog has a problem with mainstream medicine. Clearly, in her view, the profession is covering up the terrible symptoms that are beginning to emerge for well-known illnesses.

“Daddy, have I had an injection for chicken’s pop?” she asks.

Dad: “No, Little Blog, why do you ask?”

Little Blog vs Pythagoras July 26, 2007

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First it was Einstein; now it’s Pythagoras and Euclid who come under Little Blog’s critical scrutiny. Geometry as we know it is just not ambitious enough for her world view.

It is that time of morning at nursery school when parents get to spend a little time with their children before class begins, and Little Blog is showing Dad some of the posters on the wall. He stops at one that shows the four key shapes little children are taught.

“What are these shapes called, Little Blog?” Dad asks.

Little Blog is utterly bored with the question, but indulges Dad and identifies the square, circle, rectangle and triangle. Then she sighs:


Little Blog’s Big Sky July 25, 2007

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The holidays are now far behind us, but Little Blog’s mind is still travelling. She gazes wistfully at the sky as a jet leaves a long, white streak across the blue expanse. Then one of those numerous random thoughts flies across her mind:

“Daddy, do you know why God made the sky so big?”

Dad: “No, Little Blog. Do you?”


Of dogs and Little Blogs July 24, 2007

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Little Blog is home from holidays at last, and can’t wait to play with her dog again. But first, she must give him his food and water. She watches intently as he drinks from his bowl. Then she turns those big eyes to Mom:

“Mommy, how do dogs work?”

She should be used to those questions by now, but for a few moments Mom is speechless, caught between astonishment and holding back a gale of laughter. Then she regains her composure.

“What do you mean, Little Blog?”


Little Blog from Maintenance July 24, 2007

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As any parent knows, going on holiday with the children brings with it many a challenge. Little Blog may only be 5, but she fully understands these challenges, and is always ready to make her own contribution, right up to the last minute.

She had decided from the start that, on this holiday, she is responsible for maintenance, repairs and quality control.

“Mommy, I don’t want to complain,” she starts every diagnostic session. And then it’s an evaluation of the furniture, or the lighting, or the light switches, or the view, or anything else that crosses Little Blog’s mind.

As we prepare to vacate the holiday apartment, she provides an analysis of the plumbing:


Little Blog vs Albert Einstein July 23, 2007

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Little Blog has a problem with Albert Einstein, and in particular his Special Theory of Relativity, which says (more or less) that time does not pass at a fixed rate for everybody, and that a moving clock appears to tick more slowly relative to an observer with a fixed clock. Little Blog, it appears (to an observer), is a very fast-moving clock, yet time appears to speed up dramatically from her perspective.

It all starts when Little Blog and her big sister, Sunshine, are having a special treat on the last morning of their holiday: they are getting to watch TV before breakfast. But there is one condition: when breakfast is ready, they must stop watching TV.

Unfortunately, they are watching the Disney channel, which is known to stretch out time and mysteriously block children’s ears to the voices of their parents.


Harry Potter 8: Harry Potter and the Rise of Little Blog July 21, 2007

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Little Blog and her big sister, Sunshine, are browsing in a bookstore, and Sunshine wants to know what Little Blog has been reading.

“I was reading a madjamine (magazine) called Bratz not because I like it but because I wanted to see what was in it.”

“What was in it, Little Blog?”

“There was lots and lots of Harry Potter pictures, like I saw in all the other madjamines, the Barbie madjamine, the Winnie the Pooh madjamine, I think it is an advertiment (advertisement). But I don’t know if it was for a Harry Potter movie or a Harry Potter book.”

“What is Harry Potter about, Little Blog?” asks the all-knowing Sunshine.


Litttle Blog declares independence July 21, 2007

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It’s the last day on the beach, and Little Blog has mounted a rebellion.

“I’m NOT building a sandcastle, I’m NOT helping to dig a hole, I’m NOT doing anything with Sunshine today. I’m going to dig my OWN hole.”

“But why, Little Blog?” pleads Sunshine, her big sister. “We can make a MUCH bigger hole if we do it together.”

“And you can make a MUCH bigger sandcastle if you do it together,” says Dad.

This all sounds far too sensible for Little Blog.

“I don’t WANT to.”

“But why, Little Blog?” asks Mom, using the Voice of Reason.


Little Blog’s economic miracle July 20, 2007

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Little Blog, being only 5 years old,  may not yet have a degree in economics, but she has a sound understanding of fundamental economic principles.

“Mommy, can you buy me a real camera please? A real, real one?” she asks as she watches the waves crash on the beach.

“Little Blog, do you think money grows on trees?”

“I don’t know,” says Little Blog, uncertainty on her face for all of eight seconds.

“Actually, I do!” she shouts. “To make money, first you take paper and you make money from the paper. And to make paper, first you take trees, and you make paper from the trees. You told me that, Mommy. So money does grow on trees!”

(Next: Little Blog solves the global food shortage)