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Friends are strangers Little Blog doesn’t know July 10, 2007

Posted by biglittleblog in Friends and Family, Holidays and travel.

Little Blog is perplexed. And it’s not only the fact that the waves keep washing away the sandcastle she is building, even though she is as far from the water as she can get without running out of beach.

What really worries her is the strange woman that is chatting to her mother.

Mom always tells her and Sunshine, her big sister, never to talk to strangers. And before coming to the beach, every day, Mom has repeated the warning: “Don’t talk to strangers!”

But she knows Mom means adult strangers. Mom didn’t say anything when that little girl that came to help her build her sandcastle. And now they are almost friends.

Little Blog is explaining all of this to the other little girl. The part she can’t explain, though, is why Mom is now talking to a complete stranger. Yes, the stranger is that little girl’s mom. But Mom didn’t know her before the little girl came to play at the sandcastle, so that means she is a stranger. And she is an adult.

Finally Little Blog turns to Mom.

“Mommy, why can adults talk to strangers and children can’t?”

“Because adults know who can be friends and who can’t, Little Blog.”

“But isn’t that how people make friends? They are first strangers and then you meet them and then you are friends. Isn’t that right, Mommy?”

Since this is one of the fundamental laws of existence, Mom has to agree.

Little Blog turns to the other little girl:

“Okay, you can be my friend tomorrow, but today you have to be my stranger.”



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