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Little Blog’s eye on the iPhone July 11, 2007

Posted by biglittleblog in Little Definitions.

Today we introduce an occasional service from Little Blog, in which she provides logical definitions for illogical terminology, brand names and concepts. Her big sister, Sunshine, will collaborate, to add her years of wisdom.

In honour of the frenzy around the launch of the iPhone and rumours of a nano-phone, Little Blog’s Little Definitions of the Week follow the Apple theme:

iPhone – “Its a phone with an eye on it.”
Nano – “It’s something like a marshmallow.”
Apple Mac – “That’s easy – a boy called Mac who likes eating apples.”
WiFi – “It’s a restaurant where people go and eat all kinds of foods.”
MP3 – “A kind of a computer.”
3G – “Another kind of a computer.”

Sunshine, being all of 9, is able to apply the better-known definitions to almost all of these, but offers one gem of wishful thinking:

3G – “You put it in your laptop and if something happens to your laptop and you can’t use it again, you take out the 3G card and put in another laptop and you will find all your stuff there.”

Now isn’t that a challenge worthy of the 3G card manufacturers? Even Little Blog thinks it should double as a computer.

Oh, and the good news is that Little Blog won’t be demanding her own eye-phone. At least, not yet.



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