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Little Blog, the human calculator July 12, 2007

Posted by biglittleblog in Technology and electronics.

Little Blog has become a calculating little demon. She has been given a toy calculator that really works. It is all in pink and plastic, but it has the basic functions, like add, subtract, multiply and divide. Little Blog is enthusiastically calculating everything she can think of.

She’s having tremendous fun, adding 2 and 2, and 4 and 3, 8 and 7, and ever more adventurous numbers. But even a calculator cannot keep Little Blog quiet. She provides an expert opinion on every digit that appears. And then she delivers her inevitable assessment:

“Mommy, how does a calculator work, because to work out the numbers, a person’s brain must have worked it out first when they made the calculator, and for a person’s brain to work it out they must know the answer in their brains already, and that means someone has put all the answers in here after they had it in their brains, so when I asked for the answers it remembered them?”

“It’s something like that, Little Blog, but not exactly. The calculator has a kind of memory inside it too.”

“But how can such a small thing remember everything? I’m much bigger and I cant remember as much as this little thing!”

Mom is still trying to think of a response when Little Blog raises a far more important question on the interface between biology and technology.

“And Mommy, why isnt there an Off button? Maybe that’s why I haven’t got an Off button. Because if I had an Off button, I also wouldn’t be able to remember so much. Have I got an Off button, Mommy?”

Mom is now trying to find a specialist doctor to see what can be arranged.



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