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Pirates of the Caribbean V: Dead man’s trunk July 13, 2007

Posted by biglittleblog in Holidays and travel, Shopping and surfing.

We can see a string of ships out at sea, heading for the harbour, and Little Blog is getting worried about pirates again.

“Mommy, are there pirates where we are staying?”

“What gives you that idea, Little Blog?”

“I think there are pirates and there are baddies, because I’ve heard of them, but I never saw one.”

“I’m very pleased you’ve never seen one, Little Blog. It’s not the kind of person you ever want to see.”

“But Mommy, what if I bump into one?”

“Where will you bump into one, Little Blog?”

“Maybe at the shops.”

“The shops?”

“Yes, Mommy. Because where do pirates go shopping? And what do they buy when they go shopping? Isn’t that where they get their treasure and jewels?”

“Little Blog, pirates go shopping on other people’s properties, but they don’t steal only treasure and jewels.”

Little Blog is silent for a moment. Obviously only a brief moment.

“Mommy, how do pirates get to the shops and to people’s properties? Do pirates know how to drive? Don’t they only have a licence to drive a ship?”

“Little Blog, I’m sure many pirates have licences to drive a car, or maybe they even steal the licences.”

“Thanks Mommy, now I understand.”

“Understand what, Little Blog?”

“Where pirates keep their treasure if they drive cars instead of ships. They keep it in the boot of their car!”



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