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Little Blog, creator of worlds July 14, 2007

Posted by biglittleblog in Astronomy and Maths, Holidays and travel, Little Definitions.

Today Little Blog and her big sister, Sunshine, built entire planets. However, they don’t intend going into competition with any other creators of planets, since the only accessory they were able to include was a snake, lovingly crafted by Little Blog.

“Today me and Sunshine made snakes and planets,” explains Little Blog, as Sunshine hops about, desperate to give her version. No such luck when little Blog gets going: “My planet was Earth. It is a real planet and I made it from two paper plates and I coloured it in. The snake I also coloured in and I cut the paper off it so that I had a snake shape. That means planet Earth also has a snake and I made it.”

As she pauses for breath, Sunshine leaps in:

“I dont mean to be rude but I don’t think it was a planet. We were supposed to be making UFOs. We had to choose a planet that the UFO came from and Little Blog thought that means a UFO is a planet. My UFO comes from Jupiter.”

“Well a UFO can be a planet, show me where it says it can’t!” exclaims Little Blog.

Of course, as with any good blog, such clear logic silences the critics, and Little Blog is able to continue unchallenged.

“A UFO is a rocket with aliens in it, but a planet can also have aliens in it, and planet Earth is a planet, so for anyone from another planet who is a alien, they will think people from planet Earth are aliens so that means there are aliens on planet Earth. That means planet Earth is a UFO.”

And you thought Pluto had problems with what defines a planet?



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