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Little Blog names the animals (starting with the fish) July 16, 2007

Posted by biglittleblog in Animal Planet, Holidays and travel.

Little Bog and her big sister, Sunshine, are wading in a rock pool, trying to catch fish. This is proving rather difficult, since there aren’t any fish in the rock pool. However, numerous little sea creatures masquerading as tiny baby fish are enough to keep them happy. Sunshine even has a small net. Little Blog has the power of words.

“Daddy, you have to be careful of fishes that sting your feet,” she instructs her dad. “They are called stinging fish.”

“Is that right, Little Blog? Thank you for warning me. What other fish must I be careful of?”

“There are also sharks, they are really called biting fish.”

As a wave washes gently over a miniature dune of sea sand between the rocks, something small scurries out of an old shell that is left exposed.

“And what was that, Little Blog?”

“It’s a shelly fish.”

Just then Dad stops Little Blog from stepping on a ring-pull tab from a can.

“And what is that, Little Blog?”

“Can’t you see, Dad? It’s a Coca-Cola fish.”



1. Spoegs - July 17, 2007

Another great post Little Blog.

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