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Little Blog goes fishing (Part 3: Born free) July 19, 2007

Posted by biglittleblog in Animal Planet, Holidays and travel.

On a cloudy day and a wind-swept beach, Little Blog and Sunshine go back to the rock pool to set free their new pets. Dad tells them the story of the lions in the movie Born Free, and sings the first lines from the theme song.

As Sunshine tips the pail into the water, four of the little creatures zip away and disappear under the rocks. The girls burst into song: “Born free! Free as the wind blows!”

Then they realise two of the little creatures aren’t moving.

“Oh no, they died!” shouts Little Blog. “We’ll have to bury them!”

“You don’t bury fish, Litle Blog,” Sunshine gently corrects her. “You just put up stones for them.”

Sunshine and Little Blog quickly find two smooth stones on the beach, and drop it into the water. Dad refuses to say a prayer for the dead.



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