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Litttle Blog declares independence July 21, 2007

Posted by biglittleblog in Holidays and travel.

It’s the last day on the beach, and Little Blog has mounted a rebellion.

“I’m NOT building a sandcastle, I’m NOT helping to dig a hole, I’m NOT doing anything with Sunshine today. I’m going to dig my OWN hole.”

“But why, Little Blog?” pleads Sunshine, her big sister. “We can make a MUCH bigger hole if we do it together.”

“And you can make a MUCH bigger sandcastle if you do it together,” says Dad.

This all sounds far too sensible for Little Blog.

“I don’t WANT to.”

“But why, Little Blog?” asks Mom, using the Voice of Reason.

“Because I never get to do ANYTHING by myself. Since the day I was born I’ve NEVER been by myself. I’ve ALWAYS had a big sister. When Sunshine was born she could do stuff by herself for YEARS.”

“But isn’t it fun to do stuff with a big sister, Little Blog?”

“Well she has fun to do stuff with me AND she had fun to do stuff by herself, so I’m going to do stuff by myself and have my OWN fun. I’m going to build my own beach with my own restrant and my own food and my own cakes.”

Negotations are presently under way to prevent Little Blog from redrawing the national boundaries and sparking an international incident.



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