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Little Blog vs Albert Einstein July 23, 2007

Posted by biglittleblog in Astronomy and Maths, Holidays and travel.

Little Blog has a problem with Albert Einstein, and in particular his Special Theory of Relativity, which says (more or less) that time does not pass at a fixed rate for everybody, and that a moving clock appears to tick more slowly relative to an observer with a fixed clock. Little Blog, it appears (to an observer), is a very fast-moving clock, yet time appears to speed up dramatically from her perspective.

It all starts when Little Blog and her big sister, Sunshine, are having a special treat on the last morning of their holiday: they are getting to watch TV before breakfast. But there is one condition: when breakfast is ready, they must stop watching TV.

Unfortunately, they are watching the Disney channel, which is known to stretch out time and mysteriously block children’s ears to the voices of their parents.

Finally, an exasperated Mom announces: “You will be grounded from watching TV for a month if you don’t come now!”

Quick as a flash, Little Blog asks: “But Mommy, how many days are there in a month?”

“Usually 30 or 31 days, Little Blog,” Mom responds.

“Oh, no!” exclaims Little Blog. “By then I’ll be an adult!”



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