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Little Blog from Maintenance July 24, 2007

Posted by biglittleblog in Holidays and travel, Saving the world.

As any parent knows, going on holiday with the children brings with it many a challenge. Little Blog may only be 5, but she fully understands these challenges, and is always ready to make her own contribution, right up to the last minute.

She had decided from the start that, on this holiday, she is responsible for maintenance, repairs and quality control.

“Mommy, I don’t want to complain,” she starts every diagnostic session. And then it’s an evaluation of the furniture, or the lighting, or the light switches, or the view, or anything else that crosses Little Blog’s mind.

As we prepare to vacate the holiday apartment, she provides an analysis of the plumbing:

“Mommy, you know the room could have been much better.”

“Why do you say that, Little Blog?”

“Well the toilet doesn’t flush as much as the one at home, you’ve got to wait for the water when you turn on the taps, and you’ve got to wait for the water to run out. You have to wait for everything.”

“Sometimes that’s just the way things work, Little Blog,” Dad chips in.

“Well if I was the plummer it would work lots better.”

“Maybe you should go tell them, Little Blog,” says Mom.

“But Mommy, if I become the plummer here, then who will help you when things break at home?”



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