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Of dogs and Little Blogs July 24, 2007

Posted by biglittleblog in Animal Planet, Food and drink.

Little Blog is home from holidays at last, and can’t wait to play with her dog again. But first, she must give him his food and water. She watches intently as he drinks from his bowl. Then she turns those big eyes to Mom:

“Mommy, how do dogs work?”

She should be used to those questions by now, but for a few moments Mom is speechless, caught between astonishment and holding back a gale of laughter. Then she regains her composure.

“What do you mean, Little Blog?”

Little Blog: “Well, how do they drink water? They can’t hold a bowl in their hands and put it up to their mouth.”

Mom: “They use their tongues to lap it up.”

Little Blog: “But then how do they get enough water inside them? Their tongues just go in and out of the water.”

Before Mom can come up with a response, Little Blog has the answer:

“I know, they’ve got a specially long tongue and they roll it up and roll it up and roll it up, and they get enough water inside it and then they swallow the water.”

Little Blog’s face is showing the strain of reaching a conclusion she’s not sure about. Finally, she works it out:

“And then, when you’re not looking, they use their paw to hold the bowl…”



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