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Little Blog vs Pythagoras July 26, 2007

Posted by biglittleblog in Astronomy and Maths, Little Definitions.

First it was Einstein; now it’s Pythagoras and Euclid who come under Little Blog’s critical scrutiny. Geometry as we know it is just not ambitious enough for her world view.

It is that time of morning at nursery school when parents get to spend a little time with their children before class begins, and Little Blog is showing Dad some of the posters on the wall. He stops at one that shows the four key shapes little children are taught.

“What are these shapes called, Little Blog?” Dad asks.

Little Blog is utterly bored with the question, but indulges Dad and identifies the square, circle, rectangle and triangle. Then she sighs:

“Daddy, I’m tired of all these angles. I want some new angles.”

Dad: “Like what, Little Blog?”

Little Blog: “Like a me-angle and a where-angle.”

Dad: “What’s a me-angle, Little Blog?”

Little Blog: “That’s my angle, it’s an angle that shows where I am.”

Dad: “I see… and what’s a where-angle?”

Little Blog: “That’s an angle you can’t find.”

(This just in: Little Blog Discovers the 7th Dimension)



1. FranklyWrankles - July 27, 2007

Just love this blog. So glad I found you!

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