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Little Blog meets Facebook July 30, 2007

Posted by biglittleblog in Little Definitions.

Today we continue our occasional service from Little Blog, in which she provides logical definitions for illogical terminology, brand names and concepts. Her big sister, Sunshine, once again collaborates, to add her 9 years of wisdom.

This time, Little Blog’s Little Definitions of the Week follow a social media theme, ranging from MySpace to Facebook:

Sunshine: “It’s just Google. You Google things and it finds them for you.”
Little Blog: “It’s a Internet you can play games on.”

Sunshine: “When you start your Internet, that’s the first page that comes up.”
Little Blog: “Somebody’s space where they stand and where they sit. They can do anything they want in their space and you’re not allowed to bump against them in their space.”

Sunshine: “It allows you to have two web sites on your screen at the same time.”
Little Blog: “When something leaks.”

Sunshine: “Something that helps you get a connection to the Internet.”
Little Blog: “A magic toothpaste you can use once a week and your teeth won’t get rotten. You can put it on anything.”

Sunshine: “A web site that lets you find any other web site on the Internet.”
Little Blog: “A book that smiles at you. Sometimes it’s sad, sometimes it’s cross, sometimes it’s sad, sometimes it’s happy and sometimes it just laughs.”

(Little Blog prefers her version to the real thing, but feel free to visit her Facebook page. Find her by searching for Little Blog. If you want, you can even add her as your friend)



1. dolce - August 29, 2007

I much prefer this explaination. And it’s true.

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