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Little Blog’s Spring break August 31, 2007

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Little Blog comes bouncing into the house after school.
“Mom I’ve got great news for you!” She shouts.
“What is it, Little Blog?”
“Tomorrow it’s spring!”
Mom: “That’s right, Little Blog.”
Little Blog: “And tomorrow is the perfect day for it to be Spring.”
Mom: “Why, Little Blog?”
Little Blog: “Because it’s Saturday. So that means we will all be together at home.”
Mom: “We were all together last Saturday. What will we do differently tomorrow?”
Little Blog: “I think we’ll start planting flowers and vegetables and paint the house and…”
Dad is thoroughly alarmed.
“All this on the first day of Spring?” he asks.
Little Blog thinks about it for a moment.
“Okay, one day we’ll plant flowers, the next day we’ll plant a vegetable patch, the next day we will do painting.”
Dad breathes a sigh of relief.
But Little Blog isn’t done yet: “Mom, when flowers bend down, does it mean they’re dying?”
Mom: “No, Little Blog, it means they’re thirsty.”
Little Blog: “So that means you must give them water. So Dad, we will also water all the plants every day.”
Dad: ”And what else, Little Blog?”
Little Blog: “I don’t know yet. I’ll tell you later. I’m going outside for a while.”

(Dad thinks it’s going to be a long, long Spring.)


Little Blog’s bag of wishes August 31, 2007

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It’s crisis time. Little Blog’s big sister, Sunshine, found a wishbone in her chicken piece earlier today, and got to make a wish. To make matters worse, she broke the wishbone as part of her wish! Little Blog does not stop complaining about this terrible waste of a wish.
Even while she’s digging into a bag of potato chips, she does not stop.
And then she suddenly goes silent. News crews are alerted: Little Blog has come up with an idea.
After a deep, meaningful silence, she turns to Mom.
“Mommy, do I have to use a wishbone if I want to make a wish?”
Mom: “No, of course not, Little Blog.”
Little Blog: “Can I use a chip that’s folded over?”
Mom: “Sure, if you want to, Little Blog.”
Little Blog’s face lights up with one of her big, beautiful smiles.
Mom: “Why are you so happy about that, Little Blog?”
Little Blog: “Because look! I’ve got a bag full of wishing chips!”

Little Blog’s before-life August 30, 2007

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Little Blog is having birth issues. She is very worried about her status in life before she arrived in the world.
It all began when she was questioning her big sister, Sunshine, about her past. Sunshine, she suspects, has been getting an unfair advantage. Her suspicions are confirmed when her sister mentions a holiday about six years ago when their Granny accompanied the family.
Little Blog turns to Mom in dismay.
“Where was I?”
Mom: “You weren’t even born.”
Little Blog: “But I must have been waiting somewhere.”
Mom: “Why, Little Blog?”
Little Blog: “Otherwise who would have been there to cuddle you?”
Mom: “Sunshine was there, of course.”
Little Blog: “But that’s not fair!”
Mom: “Why not?”
Little Blog: “Because before Sunshine was born I didn’t get a chance to cuddle you, but she got a chance to cuddle you before I was born.”
Mom: That’s just how it works if you aren’t there yet, Little Blog.”
Little Blog: “I don’t believe you.”
Mom: Why not?”
Little Blog: “Because I remember waiting to come down to you. So I was somewhere!”

Little Blog’s airy fairy theory August 27, 2007

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Little Blog believes economics is for the birds. Or at least, that birds do have a productive role to play in our financial system.
“Sunshine, I worked out how birds make money,” she tells her big sister after breakfast one morning.
Sunshine is more interested in the science of it than the economics: “How did you work that out, Little Blog?” she asks.
Little Blog: “It’s easy. I watched Dad throw out the bread crumbs for the birds.”
Dad is baffled: “So how do birds make money, Little Blog?”
Little Blog: “Well, they don’t always make money from it.”
Dad: “When do they make money from it, Little Blog?”
Little Blog: “It’s when the bread crumbs are hard.”
Dad: “What happens when the bread crumbs are hard?”
Little Blog: “Then the birds eat the crumbs, and it breaks their teeth. Then the bird fairy comes and gives them money for their teeth. That’s how they get money to buy things.”

Little Blog and the olden days August 26, 2007

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“Daddy, what was it like in the olden days?” asks Little Blog one fine 21st Century morning.
“Well, Little Blog, it depends how olden you mean,” Dad replies, wondering if he really looks THAT old.
“I mean like in those old photos, Daddy,” pointing at a wall decorated with old family photos.
Dad: “Some of them were from when I was a child, Little Blog, but most are from long before that.”
Little Blog: “Is it from when your mommy and daddy and their mommies and daddies were children?”
Dad: “That’s right, Little Blog.”
Little Blog gazes at the photos in wonder, then pops the unexpected but inevitable question:
“Daddy, in the olden days, was there colour in the world?”

Little Blog, property magnate August 14, 2007

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Little Blog, Sunshine, Mom and Dad have been playing Junior Monopoly. Every time you buy a property, you put up a lemonade stand on that square, in the colour of your playing token.

This gives Little Blog an idea.

“Daddy,” she asks, “how do you play Monopoly for real?”

“Well, Little Blog, you buy real properties and then you find people to…”

Little Blog interrupts: “I know! I know!”

Little Blog’s inner child August 11, 2007

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Little Blog is staring into the mirror.

“Mommy, come look here!”

Mom comes running.

“What is it, Little Blog?”

“Look in my eye, Mommy!”

Mom can’t see anything amiss. “What’s wrong with your eye?” she asks, deeply concerned.

“There’s somebody in my eye!”

“Who is it, Little Blog?”

“It’s me!”

Little Blog’s career path August 10, 2007

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Little Blog has finally mapped out her career path. She is desperate to share the news, but wants the entire family to be present, so she waits until supper time. Then she bursts out:

“Do you know what I’m going to be when I’m big?”

Mom takes the bait: “No, Little Blog. What are you going to be?”

Little Blog: “I’m going to be a teacher.”

Dad: “Why a teacher, Little Blog?”

Little Blog: “Because I’ve already got almost everything I need.”

Mom: “Like what, Little Blog?”

Little Blog’s finger trouble August 9, 2007

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Little Blog has made a terrible discovery: dirty hands can be very bad for you.

“Mommy, do you know what it means if you don’t wash your hands?” she asks after arriving home from school.

Mom: “What happens, Little Blog?”

Little Blog: “It means you aren’t looking after your hands and your nails.”

Mom: “That’s right, Little Blog.”

Little Blog: “And Mommy, do you know what happens if I don’t look after my nails?”

Little Blog’s fishy tale August 8, 2007

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Little Blog is thinking about Women’s Day, which is being celebrated in South Africa on Thursday.

“What,” she wants to know, “are we going to do for Mommy?”

Then she has a bright idea.

Little Blog: “Daddy, do you know how to make fish fingers?”