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Little Blog vs Mozart August 3, 2007

Posted by biglittleblog in Music.

Little Blog and her big sister, Sunshine, are in the back of Dad’s car. Dad is tired of listening to pop music and gives them the choice of alternative rock (“noisy music,” he explains) or classical.

Little Blog only wants the song, “rock ‘n roll”, which is her name for her favourite song, Drift Away. Sunshine votes for classical, and her vote carries the day. A Mozart piano concerto fills the car. Dad asks them to tell him what the music makes them think.

Little Blog: “I’m thinking of a piano playing itself.”

Sunshine: “I’m thinking of notes flying off a page.”

Little Blog: “Me too!”

After a while, Dad asks them again what the music brings to mind.

Little Blog: “It makes me think of a lady playing a piano.”

Sunshine: “It makes me think of the wind blowing into an open window and the curtain getting blown over the bed.”

Little Blog: “Me too!”

As the music grows more complex, Dad asks them again.

Little Blog: “I’m thinking of a lady playing a piano and a ballerina dancing.”

Sunshine: “When I hear the low notes, I’m thinking of a stormy night with ghosts moving around, and when I hear the high notes I’m thinking it’s morning and the sun is coming out and the ghosts have gone.”

Little Blog: “That’s just what I was thinking!”

(Next: Sunshine seeks copyright protection for her thought processes)



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