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Little Blog’s before-life August 30, 2007

Posted by biglittleblog in Friends and Family, Philosophy.

Little Blog is having birth issues. She is very worried about her status in life before she arrived in the world.
It all began when she was questioning her big sister, Sunshine, about her past. Sunshine, she suspects, has been getting an unfair advantage. Her suspicions are confirmed when her sister mentions a holiday about six years ago when their Granny accompanied the family.
Little Blog turns to Mom in dismay.
“Where was I?”
Mom: “You weren’t even born.”
Little Blog: “But I must have been waiting somewhere.”
Mom: “Why, Little Blog?”
Little Blog: “Otherwise who would have been there to cuddle you?”
Mom: “Sunshine was there, of course.”
Little Blog: “But that’s not fair!”
Mom: “Why not?”
Little Blog: “Because before Sunshine was born I didn’t get a chance to cuddle you, but she got a chance to cuddle you before I was born.”
Mom: That’s just how it works if you aren’t there yet, Little Blog.”
Little Blog: “I don’t believe you.”
Mom: Why not?”
Little Blog: “Because I remember waiting to come down to you. So I was somewhere!”



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