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Little Blog’s Spring break August 31, 2007

Posted by biglittleblog in Saving the world.

Little Blog comes bouncing into the house after school.
“Mom I’ve got great news for you!” She shouts.
“What is it, Little Blog?”
“Tomorrow it’s spring!”
Mom: “That’s right, Little Blog.”
Little Blog: “And tomorrow is the perfect day for it to be Spring.”
Mom: “Why, Little Blog?”
Little Blog: “Because it’s Saturday. So that means we will all be together at home.”
Mom: “We were all together last Saturday. What will we do differently tomorrow?”
Little Blog: “I think we’ll start planting flowers and vegetables and paint the house and…”
Dad is thoroughly alarmed.
“All this on the first day of Spring?” he asks.
Little Blog thinks about it for a moment.
“Okay, one day we’ll plant flowers, the next day we’ll plant a vegetable patch, the next day we will do painting.”
Dad breathes a sigh of relief.
But Little Blog isn’t done yet: “Mom, when flowers bend down, does it mean they’re dying?”
Mom: “No, Little Blog, it means they’re thirsty.”
Little Blog: “So that means you must give them water. So Dad, we will also water all the plants every day.”
Dad: ”And what else, Little Blog?”
Little Blog: “I don’t know yet. I’ll tell you later. I’m going outside for a while.”

(Dad thinks it’s going to be a long, long Spring.)



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