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Little Blog vs Technology October 4, 2007

Posted by biglittleblog in Technology and electronics.

Little Blog is underwhelmed by the technology in her home. First it was the cellular phones that weren’t good enough for her. Now she has cast her net wider.

“Mommy?” she calls from the playroom, and Mom pops her head in.

“Yes, Little Blog?”

Little Blog: “Can you get me a new computer, please Mommy?”

Mom: “Why, Little Blog? What’s wrong with this one?”

Little Blog: “It hasn’t got enough games on it.”

Mom: “We can put new ones on this computer if we want to. But you don’t need them, Little Blog.”

Little Blog: “Why not, Mommy?”

Mom: “You’ve already spent all the time you’re allowed on the computer today. The big hand of the clock is past the 12, and that was when you had to stop.”

Little Blog: “Okay, Mommy. But you know what, Mommy?”

Mom: “What, Little Blog?”

Little Blog: “We also need a new clock in the playroom.”

Mom: “Why, Little Blog?”

Little Blog: “This one doesn’t work so well. We need one that goes slower.”



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