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Little Blog and Dr Mom October 5, 2007

Posted by biglittleblog in Animal Planet, Health and Medicine.

Calamity has struck Little Blog. One of her teddy bears is injured and she wants it taken to a “real doctor”.

Mom takes one look at the rip in the teddy’s arm and assures Little Blog that she can fix it with some careful sewing.

“But how do you know how to fix it, Mommy?” asks a desperate Little Blog.

“Well, I’ll try, Little Blog,” says Mom patiently.

Little Blog is dubious: “Mommy, is it like when you had a bad cut and the doctor had to do special sewing?”

“It’s almost like that, Little Blog.”

Little Blog goes off to find her big sister, Sunshine.

“I’m worried about my bear,” she tells Sunshine.

“Why are you worried, Little Blog? Mommy is good at sewing,” Sunshine reassures her.

Little Blog will have none of that: “Mommy isn’t a real doctor, so how can she fix the bear? You need special sewing to fix a bear.”

(Next: Little Blog calls 911)



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