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World Cup win & Little Blog’s new career October 21, 2007

Posted by biglittleblog in Careers and jobs, Sport.

Little Blog has been unstoppable since waking up this morning and discovering that South Africa won the rugby World Cup.

“Just like I said they will!” she crows to anyone who will listen.

She also believes that this heralds a new career: “I can tell you who is going to win anything from now on!”

Now everyone wants to test her.

Dad: “Who’s going to be the Formula 1 world champion, Little Blog?”

Little Blog: “Who can I choose from, Daddy?”

Dad: “Hamilton, Alonso and Raikkonen.”

Little Blog: “I think it’s Hamilton. I know how to say his name.”

Mom: “Who’s going to win Wimbledon?”

Little Blog: “A tennis player!”

Sunshine, her big sister: “Wow, Little Blog, you should take bets.”

Dad: “Yes, Little Blog, you’re a regular little bookmaker.”

Little Blog: “That’s what I want to be! A bookmaker!”

Mom decides this may be going a little too far: “No bookmakers in our house, thank you.”

Little Blog suddenly wails: “That’s not faaaaair!”

“Why not, Little Blog?” asks a mystified Mom.

Little Blog: “Because Sunshine wants to be a book writer and nobody said she can’t. Now I want to be a book maker and I’m not allowed!”



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