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Little Blog is for the birds October 25, 2007

Posted by biglittleblog in Animal Planet, Saving the world.

If Little Blog has her way, South Africa’s bird life will soon have equal political rights.

She is sitting at the window, staring out at the garden.

Dad: “What are you watching, Little Blog?”

Little Blog: “The birds in our garden. Some of them are free but some of them aren’t.”

Dad: “Which birds aren’t free?”

Little Blog: “The ones with a name tag aren’t free.”

Dad: “Aren’t all the birds in our garden free?”

Little Blog: “No, birds aren’t free. If there’s a bird and it’s got a name tag and it hasn’t got a cage, it belongs to somebody. If it flies away to someone’s garden, sometimes they’re kind enough to take their collar off and let them be free and then nobody knows they actually belong to somebody. That’s the way I like them to be.”

Dad: ”Where do you see name tags, Little Blog?”

Little Blog: “Sometimes if you’re very quiet you can go near them and you see a collar and you look at the name and you know who they are and you know they aren’t free.”

Dad: “Why do you want them to be free, Little Blog?”

Little Blog: “South Africa’s a free country so if people are free then birds should be free. So people should act free to the birds just like they act to the people.”

Dad: “What will happen then?”

Little Blog: “Then the birds will like us and will want to stay. Sometimes that happens.”

(News flash: Bird parliament appoints human ambassador)



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