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The learned Little Blog November 15, 2007

Posted by biglittleblog in Books and literature, Education.

Dad: “Little Blog, what did you do at school today?”

Little Blog: “Nothing. But we are learning at least.”

Dad: “Well, what did you learn today.”

Little Blog: “We have been doing an ac-ti-vitty.”

Dad: “Did that teach you anything?”

Little Blog: “Yes. I forgot what the thing is we’re learning about, but we’re also learning about other things.”

Dad: “What other things, Little Blog?”

Little Blog: “wellllll … ummmmmmm … acshally I can’t remember.”

Dad: “Are you learning anything at all?”

Little Blog: “We are on the other days but today we didn’t.”

Dad: “So tell me about your activity.”

Little Blog: “Oh, today the teacher said that we’re going to pretend the classroom is a library and there were some books on the floor and she said we’re going to look at them and then put them down again.”

Dad: “So did you learn to read?”

Little Blog: “No, we learned to look at books.”

Dad: “Little Blog, I’m worried about your school.”

Little Blog: “Well Dad, maybe tomorrow I’ll be learning again. So you only have to start worrying after that.”



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2. bewilderbeast - May 14, 2008

Hey, that’s a hoot! Thank you! I, too, have little learned ones who constantly learn me and fascinate me. Read about ’em on http://www.bewilderbeast.amagama.com

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