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Little Blog enters a vacuum November 18, 2007

Posted by biglittleblog in Animal Planet, Technology and electronics.

Mom has bought a new vacuum cleaner and is testing it on the dirtiest carpet in the house. Little Blog and her big sister, Sunshine, are watching in fascination.

“Wow, Mommy, it’s so strong it can suck up anything!” exclaims Sunshine.

Little Blog enthusiastically agrees: “It could even swallow us up!”

Mom thinks this is a great idea. She advances on Little Blog, brandishing the vacuum hose. Little Blog screams and runs for the sanctuary of the couch.

“Me, Mommy, me!” shouts Sunshine, eager to be a guinea pig.

The suction of the vacuum pulls at her shirt, and Sunshine screams. Mom pulls the vacuum away.

“Again, Mommy!” shouts Sunshine.

But Mom is worried the neighbours may get the wrong idea: “No, Sunshine, this is meant only for dust and dirt. And small animals.”

Little Blog cautiously emerges from behind the couch.

Then she looks around her with an expression of intense concern etched across her forehead.

“What’s wrong, Little Blog?” asks Mom.

“Mommy, where IS our cat?”

(Next: SPCA launches campaign to ban vacuum cleaners)



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