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Little Blog vs the owls August 21, 2008

Posted by biglittleblog in Animal Planet, Food and drink.
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Little Blog has food on her mind. Especially food that is likely to be herself.

She is gazing thoughtfully at a piece of chicken on her plate. Suddenly she looks up and asks the family in general:

“Do you know what owls eat?”

“I have an idea what they eat, Little Blog,” says Mom. “What do you think they eat?”

“They eat rats and mice, and raw chicken, and sometimes even fish.”

“That sounds about right, Little Blog. And what else?”

“Well those are all things that are alive.”

“So what does that tell you?”

“That they eat children, also?”

“Not really, Little Blog, children are too big for owls to carry. They only eat small animals that they can carry.”

Little Blog nods sagely. Then she becomes very thoughtful again. Finally, she comes to a conclusion.

“You know what that tells me, Mommy?”

“What, Little Blog?”

“I guess owls aren’t vegetarian.”



1. Clayton - July 16, 2009

does anyone know how much and owl can pick up and carry away. I thought that it was around 3 times their weight.

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