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Little Blog reinvents Dad August 27, 2008

Posted by biglittleblog in Friends and Family, Technology and electronics.
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“Daddy, I’ve been thinking,” says Little Blog at breakfast one morning.

Dad quickly contemplates calling the office to cancel all appointment for the next few hours.

“About what, Little Blog?”

“Daddy, I’ve been thinking about things you can invent.”

Dad puffs out his chest. He always did fancy himself as a creative genius.

“What things do you think I can invent, Little Blog?” he asks expectantly.

“Daddy, I was thinking, maybe if scissors could cut by themselves and books could read themselves and phones could phone themselves?”

“I’m trying to imagine that, Little Blog. And what then?”

“Well you wouldn’t have to cut or read or phone!”

“And why wouldn’t I want to do those things?”

“Because if you can invent those things, then imagine you can invent a computer that would do your work by itself!”

“Yeeeees… perhaps …. and then?”

Dad was picturing fame, fortune and the adoration of Little Blog.

“Well then, Daddy, you would be able to spend more family time! With us!”

(Next: Dad reassesses his priorities in life)



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