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Sunshine’s eternal quest for a spotless mind October 19, 2008

Posted by biglittleblog in Health and Medicine, Philosophy.
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Little Blog’s big sister, Sunshine, is not in the greatest mood this morning. She puts her head in her hands,

“What’s the matter, Sunshine?” asks Little Blog, looking really worried about her sister.

“My brain is too full, Little Blog,” she responds with a groan.

Little Blog’s eyes go into Large mode again.

“How does that work, Sunshine?!”

Sunshine lifts her head from her hands.

“It’s from thinking too much before I go to sleep.”

“But how does your brain fill up in the morning?”

“It’s because when I wake up I’m thinking about the things I was thinking about  before I fell asleep, and then I get worried that I won’t be able to listen in school because I’m still thinking about those things, and then I start to think about all the things I have to remember for school today, and then my brain just fills up.”

Little Blog’s mouth is open in astonishment. She had no idea so much thinking could go on in one brain. And she is no stranger to thinking.

“How are you going to fix it, Sunshine?”

Sunshine looks at her as if she’s half her age.

“It’s obvious, Little Blog,” she snaps. “I have to try to empty my brain before I go to sleep.”

(And in the entertainment news: Jim Carrey to produce Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind sequel, based on a true story …)