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Little Blog goes Splash September 17, 2008

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Little Blog is enjoying a bubble bath. But she’s been in for a loooog time.

“Do you want to get out?” asks Dad, towel at the ready.

“No, I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“I’m a mermaid! Mermaids aren’t allowed out of the water.”

She lets her two feet, placed firmly together, emerge above the bubbles.

“What will happen if you get out?” asks Dad.

“I’ll die!”

Mom decides it’s time to intervene.

“Do you know what happens if you stay in too long?”

“What, mom?”

“You get raisin skin. Look, it’s already starting on your fingers.”

Little Blog stares at her hands in horror, then looks wide-eyed at Dad.

“You know what, dad?”

“What, Little Blog?”

“I just turned into a human again. I don’t know how it happened.”

(NEXT: Mom patents her miracle raisin-skin mermaid cure)


Little Blog vs the owls August 21, 2008

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Little Blog has food on her mind. Especially food that is likely to be herself.

She is gazing thoughtfully at a piece of chicken on her plate. Suddenly she looks up and asks the family in general:

“Do you know what owls eat?”

“I have an idea what they eat, Little Blog,” says Mom. “What do you think they eat?”


Are YOU Little Blog’s grandpa? May 15, 2008

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Little Blog is sad. She is thinking about her grandfather who passed away a few years ago.

Her big sister, Sunshine, is deeply sympathetic. She has been listening to a lot of adult conversation, and has come up with a few answers she is sure will soothe Little Blog.

“Don’t be sad, Little Blog, he’s just resting.”

Little Blog: “And is our old dog and cat who died with him?”

“Yes, Little Blog,” says Sunshine.

Littel Blog dries her tears.

“So are they playing together?” she asks.

Sunshine: “Yes, Little Blog, they play together. But you know what’s even nicer? When people die they come back as someone else.”

Little Blog’s big eyes go even bigger. Then she turns to Sunshine with a wail:

“But how will I know which one is Grandpa?!!”

Little Blog enters a vacuum November 18, 2007

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Mom has bought a new vacuum cleaner and is testing it on the dirtiest carpet in the house. Little Blog and her big sister, Sunshine, are watching in fascination.

“Wow, Mommy, it’s so strong it can suck up anything!” exclaims Sunshine.

Little Blog enthusiastically agrees: “It could even swallow us up!”

Mom thinks this is a great idea. She advances on Little Blog, brandishing the vacuum hose. Little Blog screams and runs for the sanctuary of the couch.

Little Blog is for the birds October 25, 2007

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If Little Blog has her way, South Africa’s bird life will soon have equal political rights.

She is sitting at the window, staring out at the garden.

Dad: “What are you watching, Little Blog?”

Little Blog: “The birds in our garden. Some of them are free but some of them aren’t.”

Dad: “Which birds aren’t free?”

Little Blog: “The ones with a name tag aren’t free.”

Dad: “Aren’t all the birds in our garden free?”

Little Blog: “No, birds aren’t free. If there’s a bird and it’s got a name tag and it hasn’t got a cage, it belongs to somebody. If it flies away to someone’s garden, sometimes they’re kind enough to take their collar off and let them be free and then nobody knows they actually belong to somebody. That’s the way I like them to be.”

Dad: ”Where do you see name tags, Little Blog?”


Little Blog and Dr Mom October 5, 2007

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Calamity has struck Little Blog. One of her teddy bears is injured and she wants it taken to a “real doctor”.

Mom takes one look at the rip in the teddy’s arm and assures Little Blog that she can fix it with some careful sewing.

“But how do you know how to fix it, Mommy?” asks a desperate Little Blog.

“Well, I’ll try, Little Blog,” says Mom patiently.

Little Blog is dubious: “Mommy, is it like when you had a bad cut and the doctor had to do special sewing?”

“It’s almost like that, Little Blog.”

Little Blog goes off to find her big sister, Sunshine.

“I’m worried about my bear,” she tells Sunshine.

“Why are you worried, Little Blog? Mommy is good at sewing,” Sunshine reassures her.

Little Blog will have none of that: “Mommy isn’t a real doctor, so how can she fix the bear? You need special sewing to fix a bear.”

(Next: Little Blog calls 911)

Little Blog vs The Dinosaurs September 29, 2007

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It’s dinner time, and mom has dished up Little Blog’s food.

Little Blog: “What meat is this, mommy?”

Mom: “It’s dinosaur, Little Blog.”

Little Blog cautiously tastes it.

Then she eats it more eagerly, and finally finishes her food.

Mom: “Did you enjoy the Dinosaur meat, Little Blog?”

Little Blog: “Yes, Mommy, it was delicious!”

Then she turns to her big sister, Sunshine, and whispers in her ear: “I don’t want to spoil Mommy’s fun, but actually it was chicken…”

Little Blog’s airy fairy theory August 27, 2007

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Little Blog believes economics is for the birds. Or at least, that birds do have a productive role to play in our financial system.
“Sunshine, I worked out how birds make money,” she tells her big sister after breakfast one morning.
Sunshine is more interested in the science of it than the economics: “How did you work that out, Little Blog?” she asks.
Little Blog: “It’s easy. I watched Dad throw out the bread crumbs for the birds.”
Dad is baffled: “So how do birds make money, Little Blog?”
Little Blog: “Well, they don’t always make money from it.”
Dad: “When do they make money from it, Little Blog?”
Little Blog: “It’s when the bread crumbs are hard.”
Dad: “What happens when the bread crumbs are hard?”
Little Blog: “Then the birds eat the crumbs, and it breaks their teeth. Then the bird fairy comes and gives them money for their teeth. That’s how they get money to buy things.”

Of dogs and Little Blogs July 24, 2007

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Little Blog is home from holidays at last, and can’t wait to play with her dog again. But first, she must give him his food and water. She watches intently as he drinks from his bowl. Then she turns those big eyes to Mom:

“Mommy, how do dogs work?”

She should be used to those questions by now, but for a few moments Mom is speechless, caught between astonishment and holding back a gale of laughter. Then she regains her composure.

“What do you mean, Little Blog?”


Little Blog goes fishing (Part 4: Good mothers) July 19, 2007

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Little Blog’s big sister, Sunshine, is explaining what happened when the fish were released. She tells Little Blog that, when Eager was set free, he briefly turned back to look up at her.

“He was saying goodbye and thank you, Little Blog.”

“I think you’re a good mom, Sunshine. I don’t think his mom will be cross with you.”

“Thank you, Little Blog. And you know what?”

“What, Sunshine?”