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Little Blog vs Vegetables October 22, 2007

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Little Blog’s big sister, Sunshine, has discovered chemistry. She found the periodic table in one of her books, and a friend has been explaining to her about the elements and their names.

“O is Oxygen and H is Hydrogen and when you put two Hydrogens with one Oxygen, you get H2O and that is really water,” she explains over supper to Little Blog, who pretends to absorb every word.

Dad decides to show how clever he is: “And H2SO4 is Sulphuric Acid, which destroys everything it touches.” He hastens to add that he only knows this because of a rhyme he memorised in high school. Before anyone can stop him, he recites it:

“Little Johnny has gone to heaven,
and will be seen no more,
For what he took for H2O,
was H2SO4.”

Little Blog instantly declares: “He was lucky.”

Sunshine is horrified: “Why, Little Blog?!”

Little Blog: “Well, then he wouldn’t have to eat his vegetables, would he?”


Little Blog vs Isaac Newton (or Gravity Defied) October 2, 2007

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Little Blog has learned to swim on her back. But now she is very worried. Her thoughtful expression finally erupts as she turns to Mom.

“Mommy, what is that thing that pulls you to the Earth?”

Mom ponders the question for a moment, before realising Little Blog is not talking about monsters under the bed.

“”Do you mean gravity, Little Blog?”

Little Blog: “Yes,that thing.”

Mom: “What about it, Little Blog?”

Little Blog: “Well, it doesn’t work.”

Mom: “What do you mean, Little Blog?”

Little Blog: “When I float on my back in the pool, if that gravity thing was working, I couldn’t float like that. Otherwise why can I float? Gravity isn’t working.”

(News Flash: Government to probe violation of Laws of Motion)

Little Blog and the olden days August 26, 2007

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“Daddy, what was it like in the olden days?” asks Little Blog one fine 21st Century morning.
“Well, Little Blog, it depends how olden you mean,” Dad replies, wondering if he really looks THAT old.
“I mean like in those old photos, Daddy,” pointing at a wall decorated with old family photos.
Dad: “Some of them were from when I was a child, Little Blog, but most are from long before that.”
Little Blog: “Is it from when your mommy and daddy and their mommies and daddies were children?”
Dad: “That’s right, Little Blog.”
Little Blog gazes at the photos in wonder, then pops the unexpected but inevitable question:
“Daddy, in the olden days, was there colour in the world?”

Little Blog vs Pythagoras July 26, 2007

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First it was Einstein; now it’s Pythagoras and Euclid who come under Little Blog’s critical scrutiny. Geometry as we know it is just not ambitious enough for her world view.

It is that time of morning at nursery school when parents get to spend a little time with their children before class begins, and Little Blog is showing Dad some of the posters on the wall. He stops at one that shows the four key shapes little children are taught.

“What are these shapes called, Little Blog?” Dad asks.

Little Blog is utterly bored with the question, but indulges Dad and identifies the square, circle, rectangle and triangle. Then she sighs:


Little Blog’s Big Sky July 25, 2007

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The holidays are now far behind us, but Little Blog’s mind is still travelling. She gazes wistfully at the sky as a jet leaves a long, white streak across the blue expanse. Then one of those numerous random thoughts flies across her mind:

“Daddy, do you know why God made the sky so big?”

Dad: “No, Little Blog. Do you?”


Little Blog vs Albert Einstein July 23, 2007

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Little Blog has a problem with Albert Einstein, and in particular his Special Theory of Relativity, which says (more or less) that time does not pass at a fixed rate for everybody, and that a moving clock appears to tick more slowly relative to an observer with a fixed clock. Little Blog, it appears (to an observer), is a very fast-moving clock, yet time appears to speed up dramatically from her perspective.

It all starts when Little Blog and her big sister, Sunshine, are having a special treat on the last morning of their holiday: they are getting to watch TV before breakfast. But there is one condition: when breakfast is ready, they must stop watching TV.

Unfortunately, they are watching the Disney channel, which is known to stretch out time and mysteriously block children’s ears to the voices of their parents.


Little Blog, creator of worlds July 14, 2007

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Today Little Blog and her big sister, Sunshine, built entire planets. However, they don’t intend going into competition with any other creators of planets, since the only accessory they were able to include was a snake, lovingly crafted by Little Blog.

“Today me and Sunshine made snakes and planets,” explains Little Blog, as Sunshine hops about, desperate to give her version. No such luck when little Blog gets going: “My planet was Earth. It is a real planet and I made it from two paper plates and I coloured it in. The snake I also coloured in and I cut the paper off it so that I had a snake shape. That means planet Earth also has a snake and I made it.”

As she pauses for breath, Sunshine leaps in: