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The learned Little Blog November 15, 2007

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Dad: “Little Blog, what did you do at school today?”

Little Blog: “Nothing. But we are learning at least.”

Dad: “Well, what did you learn today.”

Little Blog: “We have been doing an ac-ti-vitty.”

Dad: “Did that teach you anything?”

Little Blog: “Yes. I forgot what the thing is we’re learning about, but we’re also learning about other things.”

Dad: “What other things, Little Blog?”



Little Blog’s career path August 10, 2007

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Little Blog has finally mapped out her career path. She is desperate to share the news, but wants the entire family to be present, so she waits until supper time. Then she bursts out:

“Do you know what I’m going to be when I’m big?”

Mom takes the bait: “No, Little Blog. What are you going to be?”

Little Blog: “I’m going to be a teacher.”

Dad: “Why a teacher, Little Blog?”

Little Blog: “Because I’ve already got almost everything I need.”

Mom: “Like what, Little Blog?”

Harry Potter 8: Harry Potter and the Rise of Little Blog July 21, 2007

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Little Blog and her big sister, Sunshine, are browsing in a bookstore, and Sunshine wants to know what Little Blog has been reading.

“I was reading a madjamine (magazine) called Bratz not because I like it but because I wanted to see what was in it.”

“What was in it, Little Blog?”

“There was lots and lots of Harry Potter pictures, like I saw in all the other madjamines, the Barbie madjamine, the Winnie the Pooh madjamine, I think it is an advertiment (advertisement). But I don’t know if it was for a Harry Potter movie or a Harry Potter book.”

“What is Harry Potter about, Little Blog?” asks the all-knowing Sunshine.