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Little Blog vs the owls August 21, 2008

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Little Blog has food on her mind. Especially food that is likely to be herself.

She is gazing thoughtfully at a piece of chicken on her plate. Suddenly she looks up and asks the family in general:

“Do you know what owls eat?”

“I have an idea what they eat, Little Blog,” says Mom. “What do you think they eat?”



Little Blog vs Vegetables October 22, 2007

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Little Blog’s big sister, Sunshine, has discovered chemistry. She found the periodic table in one of her books, and a friend has been explaining to her about the elements and their names.

“O is Oxygen and H is Hydrogen and when you put two Hydrogens with one Oxygen, you get H2O and that is really water,” she explains over supper to Little Blog, who pretends to absorb every word.

Dad decides to show how clever he is: “And H2SO4 is Sulphuric Acid, which destroys everything it touches.” He hastens to add that he only knows this because of a rhyme he memorised in high school. Before anyone can stop him, he recites it:

“Little Johnny has gone to heaven,
and will be seen no more,
For what he took for H2O,
was H2SO4.”

Little Blog instantly declares: “He was lucky.”

Sunshine is horrified: “Why, Little Blog?!”

Little Blog: “Well, then he wouldn’t have to eat his vegetables, would he?”

Little Blog vs The Dinosaurs September 29, 2007

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It’s dinner time, and mom has dished up Little Blog’s food.

Little Blog: “What meat is this, mommy?”

Mom: “It’s dinosaur, Little Blog.”

Little Blog cautiously tastes it.

Then she eats it more eagerly, and finally finishes her food.

Mom: “Did you enjoy the Dinosaur meat, Little Blog?”

Little Blog: “Yes, Mommy, it was delicious!”

Then she turns to her big sister, Sunshine, and whispers in her ear: “I don’t want to spoil Mommy’s fun, but actually it was chicken…”

Little Blog’s bag of wishes August 31, 2007

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It’s crisis time. Little Blog’s big sister, Sunshine, found a wishbone in her chicken piece earlier today, and got to make a wish. To make matters worse, she broke the wishbone as part of her wish! Little Blog does not stop complaining about this terrible waste of a wish.
Even while she’s digging into a bag of potato chips, she does not stop.
And then she suddenly goes silent. News crews are alerted: Little Blog has come up with an idea.
After a deep, meaningful silence, she turns to Mom.
“Mommy, do I have to use a wishbone if I want to make a wish?”
Mom: “No, of course not, Little Blog.”
Little Blog: “Can I use a chip that’s folded over?”
Mom: “Sure, if you want to, Little Blog.”
Little Blog’s face lights up with one of her big, beautiful smiles.
Mom: “Why are you so happy about that, Little Blog?”
Little Blog: “Because look! I’ve got a bag full of wishing chips!”

Little Blog’s airy fairy theory August 27, 2007

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Little Blog believes economics is for the birds. Or at least, that birds do have a productive role to play in our financial system.
“Sunshine, I worked out how birds make money,” she tells her big sister after breakfast one morning.
Sunshine is more interested in the science of it than the economics: “How did you work that out, Little Blog?” she asks.
Little Blog: “It’s easy. I watched Dad throw out the bread crumbs for the birds.”
Dad is baffled: “So how do birds make money, Little Blog?”
Little Blog: “Well, they don’t always make money from it.”
Dad: “When do they make money from it, Little Blog?”
Little Blog: “It’s when the bread crumbs are hard.”
Dad: “What happens when the bread crumbs are hard?”
Little Blog: “Then the birds eat the crumbs, and it breaks their teeth. Then the bird fairy comes and gives them money for their teeth. That’s how they get money to buy things.”

Little Blog’s fishy tale August 8, 2007

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Little Blog is thinking about Women’s Day, which is being celebrated in South Africa on Thursday.

“What,” she wants to know, “are we going to do for Mommy?”

Then she has a bright idea.

Little Blog: “Daddy, do you know how to make fish fingers?”

Of dogs and Little Blogs July 24, 2007

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Little Blog is home from holidays at last, and can’t wait to play with her dog again. But first, she must give him his food and water. She watches intently as he drinks from his bowl. Then she turns those big eyes to Mom:

“Mommy, how do dogs work?”

She should be used to those questions by now, but for a few moments Mom is speechless, caught between astonishment and holding back a gale of laughter. Then she regains her composure.

“What do you mean, Little Blog?”


Little Blog’s shopping dilemma July 7, 2007

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Following the Great Shopping List Disaster and pointed enquiries from the credit card company, Little Blog has been instructed not only to ask for permission if she wants to shop on the Internet, but also to do so under adult supervision.

And no, her big sister, Sunshine, is not an adult, even if she is almost 10.

Today she announced: “Mom, I really have to go shopping on the computer.”

“Why, Little Blog?”

“To buy cheese for Sunshine.”

“Why do you want to buy cheese for your sister?”


Little Blog’s eating problem July 6, 2007

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Little Blog and her big sister, Sunshine, could barely sleep last night. They are preparing to go on holiday to the seaside, and have to pack the things they want to have with them on holiday. But Little Blog is worried. She doesn’t have any food to pack.

“What if there isn’t any food at the beach?” she wails.

“Then we will buy some at the shops, Little Blog,” says Mom.

“But what if there isn’t any food in the shops??”

“Then we will buy it from other people, Little Blog,” says Sunshine.

“But what if THEY haven’t got any???”

“Then we will catch birds and animals and eat them, Little Blog,” says Dad.

“Oh, so you can catch chickens and use them for food, and catch fish and use them for food?”

“Yes, Little Blog.”

For the first time in a long time, Little Blog is lost for words.

Finally, after a blissfully quiet 15 minutes, she declares: “You know what!”