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Little Blog is for the birds October 25, 2007

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If Little Blog has her way, South Africa’s bird life will soon have equal political rights.

She is sitting at the window, staring out at the garden.

Dad: “What are you watching, Little Blog?”

Little Blog: “The birds in our garden. Some of them are free but some of them aren’t.”

Dad: “Which birds aren’t free?”

Little Blog: “The ones with a name tag aren’t free.”

Dad: “Aren’t all the birds in our garden free?”

Little Blog: “No, birds aren’t free. If there’s a bird and it’s got a name tag and it hasn’t got a cage, it belongs to somebody. If it flies away to someone’s garden, sometimes they’re kind enough to take their collar off and let them be free and then nobody knows they actually belong to somebody. That’s the way I like them to be.”

Dad: ”Where do you see name tags, Little Blog?”



Little Blog’s Spring break August 31, 2007

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Little Blog comes bouncing into the house after school.
“Mom I’ve got great news for you!” She shouts.
“What is it, Little Blog?”
“Tomorrow it’s spring!”
Mom: “That’s right, Little Blog.”
Little Blog: “And tomorrow is the perfect day for it to be Spring.”
Mom: “Why, Little Blog?”
Little Blog: “Because it’s Saturday. So that means we will all be together at home.”
Mom: “We were all together last Saturday. What will we do differently tomorrow?”
Little Blog: “I think we’ll start planting flowers and vegetables and paint the house and…”
Dad is thoroughly alarmed.
“All this on the first day of Spring?” he asks.
Little Blog thinks about it for a moment.
“Okay, one day we’ll plant flowers, the next day we’ll plant a vegetable patch, the next day we will do painting.”
Dad breathes a sigh of relief.
But Little Blog isn’t done yet: “Mom, when flowers bend down, does it mean they’re dying?”
Mom: “No, Little Blog, it means they’re thirsty.”
Little Blog: “So that means you must give them water. So Dad, we will also water all the plants every day.”
Dad: ”And what else, Little Blog?”
Little Blog: “I don’t know yet. I’ll tell you later. I’m going outside for a while.”

(Dad thinks it’s going to be a long, long Spring.)

Little Blog from Maintenance July 24, 2007

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As any parent knows, going on holiday with the children brings with it many a challenge. Little Blog may only be 5, but she fully understands these challenges, and is always ready to make her own contribution, right up to the last minute.

She had decided from the start that, on this holiday, she is responsible for maintenance, repairs and quality control.

“Mommy, I don’t want to complain,” she starts every diagnostic session. And then it’s an evaluation of the furniture, or the lighting, or the light switches, or the view, or anything else that crosses Little Blog’s mind.

As we prepare to vacate the holiday apartment, she provides an analysis of the plumbing:


Little Blog selects the next American president July 2, 2007

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Today Little Blog heard dad say that George Bush was the president of America, but they had to choose a new one. Then her big sister, Sunshine, told her that George Washington was the first president of America, but he was dead.

“I know who can be the next president of America!” she shouted.

“Who, Little Blog?”

“It has to be a George, so it can be my sister’s fluffy duck, because his name is George!”

Now why would they make George the Duck president??? Everyone asked.

“Because he wouldn’t make any wars!”

Little Blog has spoken. George the Duck for American president.

(Next: Little Blog solves the ANC succession race)

Little Blog tries to solve the crisis in Zimbabwe July 2, 2007

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Little Blog listened to the news yesterday, which was all about the fire at Glasgow airport, police searching houses, and Zimbabwe wanting to close down businesses. After a few unusually long moments of silence, she asked: “Are the police in Zimbabwe going into the houses to put out the fires?”

“No, that’s not their job, Little Blog.”

“Oh, why not?”

“Firemen put out fires. And the fire was in Scotland, not Zimbabwe”

“Then whose job is it to put out the fires in Zimbabwe?”

As usual, there was no answer for Little Blog.