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Little Blog reinvents Dad August 27, 2008

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“Daddy, I’ve been thinking,” says Little Blog at breakfast one morning.

Dad quickly contemplates calling the office to cancel all appointment for the next few hours.

“About what, Little Blog?”

“Daddy, I’ve been thinking about things you can invent.”

Dad puffs out his chest. He always did fancy himself as a creative genius.

“What things do you think I can invent, Little Blog?” he asks expectantly.

“Daddy, I was thinking, maybe if scissors could cut by themselves and books could read themselves and phones could phone themselves?”

“I’m trying to imagine that, Little Blog. And what then?”



Little Blog enters a vacuum November 18, 2007

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Mom has bought a new vacuum cleaner and is testing it on the dirtiest carpet in the house. Little Blog and her big sister, Sunshine, are watching in fascination.

“Wow, Mommy, it’s so strong it can suck up anything!” exclaims Sunshine.

Little Blog enthusiastically agrees: “It could even swallow us up!”

Mom thinks this is a great idea. She advances on Little Blog, brandishing the vacuum hose. Little Blog screams and runs for the sanctuary of the couch.

Little Blog vs Technology October 4, 2007

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Little Blog is underwhelmed by the technology in her home. First it was the cellular phones that weren’t good enough for her. Now she has cast her net wider.

“Mommy?” she calls from the playroom, and Mom pops her head in.

“Yes, Little Blog?”

Little Blog: “Can you get me a new computer, please Mommy?”

Mom: “Why, Little Blog? What’s wrong with this one?”

Little Blog: “It hasn’t got enough games on it.”

Mom: “We can put new ones on this computer if we want to. But you don’t need them, Little Blog.”

Little Blog: “Why not, Mommy?”

Mom: “You’ve already spent all the time you’re allowed on the computer today. The big hand of the clock is past the 12, and that was when you had to stop.”

Little Blog: “Okay, Mommy. But you know what, Mommy?”

Mom: “What, Little Blog?”

Little Blog: “We also need a new clock in the playroom.”

Mom: “Why, Little Blog?”

Little Blog: “This one doesn’t work so well. We need one that goes slower.”

Little Blog, the hi-tech critic October 3, 2007

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Little Blog believes she has found her calling in life. She is going to become a cellphone critic. This revelation comes after Dad arrives home with his new cellphone. It is one of those “smart phones” with more buttons than a passenger jet, and Dad spends hours trying to figure out how to use it. Little Blog watches the hi-tech wrestling match for a while, and finally feels compelled to contribute.

“It’s a cool phone, Dad,” says Little Blog.

“Thank you, Little Blog,” responds an unsuspecting Dad.

And then Little Blog is off:

“I like the picture it’s got of a flower, but if only all the writing went away and it showed only the stuff you need to click on to go to the places you want to go to, I would love it so much. You know why? Because I love flowers.

“Also it’s hard to press the numbers because they are so small and if you by mistake press the wrong number and somebody answers and you ask is it the right person, maybe they will say yes because they’ve got the same first name but maybe they haven’t got the same surname and you don’t know that. And then what if that person is a baddie? Maybe they hear your name and they go to the computer and type in your name and find out who your friend is and they say they know your friend. That’s why I don’t like the phone.”

“I see, Little Blog. Anything else?” Dad asks weakly.

“Yes, because the buttons are so small, and you keep phoning the wrong person, you have to try all the numbers and then maybe you haven’t got any more battery time.”

Dad: “Is that all, Little Blog?”

Little Blog: “Does it tell the time?”

Dad: “Yes, Little Blog.”

Little Blog: “Well you don’t need the time because we’ve got clocks.”

Dad: “If you say so, Little Blog, who am I to argue?”

Little Blog: “And you know what else is wrong with it?”

Dad: “What, Little Blog?”

Little Blog: “You still haven’t figured out how to use it.”

Little Blog and the olden days August 26, 2007

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“Daddy, what was it like in the olden days?” asks Little Blog one fine 21st Century morning.
“Well, Little Blog, it depends how olden you mean,” Dad replies, wondering if he really looks THAT old.
“I mean like in those old photos, Daddy,” pointing at a wall decorated with old family photos.
Dad: “Some of them were from when I was a child, Little Blog, but most are from long before that.”
Little Blog: “Is it from when your mommy and daddy and their mommies and daddies were children?”
Dad: “That’s right, Little Blog.”
Little Blog gazes at the photos in wonder, then pops the unexpected but inevitable question:
“Daddy, in the olden days, was there colour in the world?”

Little Blog, the human calculator July 12, 2007

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Little Blog has become a calculating little demon. She has been given a toy calculator that really works. It is all in pink and plastic, but it has the basic functions, like add, subtract, multiply and divide. Little Blog is enthusiastically calculating everything she can think of.

She’s having tremendous fun, adding 2 and 2, and 4 and 3, 8 and 7, and ever more adventurous numbers. But even a calculator cannot keep Little Blog quiet. She provides an expert opinion on every digit that appears. And then she delivers her inevitable assessment:

“Mommy, how does a calculator work, because to work out the numbers, a person’s brain must have worked it out first when they made the calculator, and for a person’s brain to work it out they must know the answer in their brains already, and that means someone has put all the answers in here after they had it in their brains, so when I asked for the answers it remembered them?”